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Polvoorde's 2023 King of the Hammers Event Recap

Toyo Tires Desert Challenge

Christopher Polvoorde was set up for success at King of the Hammers where he had a blistering fast 1st place prologue run (qualifier).

On race day, it looked as though CP was running a textbook race, leading the entire 1st half of the race and had actually passed 5 unlimited cars in front of him only 35 miles into the race putting him 4th on the road.

It looked and sounded "textbook" from the pits and on the live feed, but Christopher and Drew knew the truck was not 100% just 5 minutes into the race. It wasn't until about RM 140, just after passing the remote pit, where the race truck really started to display it's fuel delivery issue. From then on, the truck was operating on about 30% power and the boys had to fight at a painfully slow pace just to get the Optima Batteries powered Ford Performance Raptor to the finish line, which they did in 21st place.

"It was a tough race for us and so frustrating when we know we have the speed and the equipment to be a top contender. We were just cruising, not taking any risks, hoping that the little gremlins that we were battling would hold out, but that wasn't the case. On the plus side, we learned from this race and ultimately got this truck to the finish! Huge thanks to my whole team and sponsors for all the support." -Christopher Polvoorde


Christopher the Ambassador

An event like King of the Hammers is not just a race for a top athlete like Christopher Polvoorde. Although he comes for the racing, Christopher spends the majority of his time on the lakebed helping his partners with events, giving exclusive ride alongs in his Spec Trophy Truck and long travel F100, and much more.

Over the week following his desert race, Christopher gave over 50 ride alongs which included a couple partners getting to DRIVE his Optima Batteries powered Ford Performance race truck! Where else can you get a hands-on experience like that?

Be sure to subscribe & follow his YouTube Channel where these videos will be posted.

CP in the passenger seat of his Spec Trophy Truck


Next Event

San Felipe 250 - Trophy Truck Spec

March 29th - April 3rd

San Felipe, Baja CA, Mexico

Click for More Info on SCORE International's Website

Photo of 1st place finish at 2022 San Felipe 250


About Christopher Polvoorde & CP Racing Team

Christopher Polvoorde was born on July 28th, 2000 and raised in the Racing mecca of Southern, CA. From a young age, Christopher had an adventurous spirit and a passion for the outdoors and racing. That passion leads Christopher’s life to this day where you can find him chasing sunsets year round on the hills of Mammoth Mountain or the waters of the Colorado River. Surrounded by a team of Experts including Christopher’s father, Chip Polvoorde, who handles anything and everything, Crew Chief Jimmy Davidson who provides the fastest truck on the course week in and week out and driving coach Cory Kruseman who works with Christopher on his race craft and as his race spotter. With Christopher’s natural speed and a team like this, expectations are high. Christopher found success in the inaugural season of Great American Shortcourse, where he took home the Pro Lite Championship for 2021. In 2019, the CP94 team raced the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League where Christopher swept the whole series winning all 7 races and the additional Red Bull Pro Lite Championship race making it a perfect 8 for 8. In 2021 the CP94 team ventured into the world of desert racing with a brand new Mason Motorsports 6100 Spec Trophy Truck. In 2022, Christopher accumulated 3 class wins in the Optima Batteries powered Ford Raptor Spec Trophy Truck. He won the Toyo Tires Desert Challenge at King of the Hammers, where he took 2nd overall, San Felipe 250, and the Baja 400. The future is bright for Christopher who takes it all in stride focusing on working hard and enjoying the ride.

Visit // @ChristopherPolvoorde on Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Facebook | Pinterest


CP94 Partners

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