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Recap of Live Sim Events with Analytics

iRacing Simulator Race Events and Exposure

Since racing has been postponed until July many professional racers, Christopher included, jumped onto the “Sim” bandwagon to get their racing fix! Please see below for a recap of the 3 large Sim races which 2 were live streamed on Jim Beaver’s Social Media and the 3 on the national TV network FS1.

What is Sim or Simulated racing?

It is a form of digital racing that is usually powered by a gaming computer or high end gaming console. In Sim racing, computer software tries to accurately simulate real world racing variables such as traction, tire wear, fuel usage, throttle and breaking response and much more. iRacing is the largest platform for Sim racing providing all types of racing from NASCAR to Indy and Lucas Oil Off Road to Dirt Oval Midget cars. iRacing has been around since 2008 but has really become popular during the Covid-19 crisis.

Christopher has a custom designed truck body for the iRacing events that he has participated in which is a great way to represent and get impressions for his partners when there are no live races being held.

Christopher has been in 3 major iRacing events in the past two months with 2 being live streamed on Facebook and the 3rd being on national TV on FS1. The live streamed Sim races have produced substantial numbers for live streams of Short Course making them second to only Red Bull’s Live Stream of Crandon’s 50th Anniversary.


1) Jim Beaver eSports eShort Course World Cup Presented by General Tire – April 11th

Christopher participated in Jim Beaver’s iRacing event against huge names like Travis Pastrana, Greg Biffle, and Alexander Rossi which was the largest simulated race of its kind being live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and cross promoted by entrants and others putting impressions well into the millions.

Analytics from Jim Beaver (World Cup)

3 Second Video Views

Facebook Views - 174,002

YouTube Views - 3,483

Twitch.TV Views - 249

Total Views - 177,734

Total Minutes Viewed - 171,626 Minutes

2) Jim Beaver’s eSports eShort Course Triple Crown Pro 2’s at Laguna Seca – May 9th

This race was part 2 of Jim Beaver’s Triple Crown which also amassed hundreds of thousand impressions and stream views. This Sim race was held at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca where the drivers raced Pro 2 trucks at this iconic track.

Analytics from Jim Beaver (Laguna Seca)

3 Second Video Views

Facebook Views – 111,085

YouTube Views – 2,756

Twitch.TV Views - 255

Christopher also streamed the iRacing events from his perspective on his YouTube channel which had 234 views and nearly 3,000 impressions.

Christopher’s YouTube Analytics From Jim Beaver’s Event

Impressions - 2.9k

Watch Time - 24.2 hours

Views - 234

3) Wednesday Night iRacing “From Daytona to Dirt” on FS1 (Fox Sports 1) – April 22nd

With Covid-19 keeping racing, live sports, and other entertainment at a standstill, the national TV network , FS1, looked to iRacing to provide some racing entertainment and fill prime time spots. Narrated by Jeff Gordon, Clint Bower, and Adam Alexander; Christopher’s name was mentioned a couple times alongside names like Travis Pastrana, Chad Reed, Kevin Harvick, and many others on national TV.

Aired on Live TV 7:00PM ET on FS1 and Available on the Fox Sports app

Christopher’s YouTube Analytics from the FS1 Race

Impressions – 1.3k

Watch Time – 4 hours

Views – 55

Christopher Polvoorde’s 3 Additional Live Streams on YouTube

As Christopher has been building his YouTube subscriber-ship, he has done a handful of live stream Sim races to his audience to increase partner impressions and practice his Sim racing skills for the next big event.

Christopher’s YouTube Analytics

Impressions – 3.3k

Watch Time – 28.5 hours

Views - 183

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