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Christopher Polvoorde is Baja Bound for the 2021 Baja 1000 with Baja Legends Dale Ebberts and Steven

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Christopher and the CP94 team are taking on the most iconic off-road race in the world, The Baja 1000. Christopher will be racing the extremely competitive Spec Trophy Truck class in his No. 204 Optima Batteries powered Ford. "Tackling the 1000 in my first year of racing the Spec Trophy Truck class is a tall order to fill but we have an incredible team so I'm confident that we can lay down a great peninsula run and finish this race." -Christopher Polvoorde Powered by Optima Batteries Optima Batteries is a major supporter of the CP94 program, especially in this Baja 1000 venture. It takes an army to run this race and it is extremely tough on equipment. We are fortunate to have all 13 chase vehicles outfitted with Optima's. It is a product that we can rely on and put through the extreme conditions that are only found in Baja. Thank you Cam and the whole Optima Batteries Team! No. 204 Mason Motorsports (6100) Spec Trophy Truck completed by Jimmy Davidson The truck itself is a 2nd generation Mason Motorsports rolling chassis which was finished at the CP94 race shop. The man responsible for bringing the beast to life is none other than Christopher's crew chief, Jimmy Davidson. Jimmy spent long hours to complete this truck in-house with a small crew. The attention to detail and finishing touches on this race machine are second to none.


Meet The Team of Drivers The competitive nature of the Baja 1000 typically drives multiple teams to merge assets & personnel to have a shot at a podium finish. This will be the case for the CP94 team as well. Christopher has brought in two excellent driver teams to help get the No 204 down the peninsula successfully. The drivers that will be helping the CP94 team will be Dale Ebberts and Steven Eugenio, who both have incredible Baja knowledge and experience. "For a 1227 mile race, it's smarter to bring in outside drivers and teams to try and put together the best possible run that we can. At 23+ hours, it can be dangerous for one driver to push at the 55-60 mph average pace and bringing in a fresh driver or two will likely put us in a much better position to stay competitive. The driver's we are bringing in have lots of experience down in Baja so I'm confident we are teaming up with the right people." -Christopher Polvoorde


Steven Eugenio

Christopher will be handing off the truck to Steven and his co-driver, Carlos Villarino, at RM 372 and Steven will take it to RM 707 through the night. Steven has a great Baja track record and even won the SCORE Trophy Truck Championship in 2014. He has numerous Baja 1000 finishes under his belt. Steven has a strong background of racing consisting of BMX as a kid, Motocross as a teen before getting into some 4 wheel racing in 2006. Steven started buggy racing in the 1600 class and worked his way up to the top Trophy Truck Class. Along the way he raced Class 12, Class 10, and Class 1.


Dale Ebberts

Taking the truck the next leg of the race (RM 707 to RM 1050) is Baja expert and aficionado, Dale Ebberts with co-driver Derek Vanderwaal. Few people have more Baja experience than Dale who has over 30 Baja 1000 races under his belt. Dale is a well known Baja racer, who is fast and is responsible with a car. Ebberts is a 3 time SCORE Champion (2x Class 1 / 1x Class 1600) with more than 35 years of racing experience in Baja. Dale will then pass the truck back to Christopher who will take it to the finish.


Baja 1000 Race Split Start to RM 372 - Christopher Polvoorde & Andrew Becerra RM 372 to RM 707 - Steven Eugenio & Carlos Villarino RM 707 to RM 1050 - Dale Ebberts & Derek Vanderwaal RM 1050 to Finish - Christopher Polvoorde I'm really excited to have Dale and Steven on our team for the 2021 Baja 1000. Both drivers are well-known names in the racing community and they both have excellent track records down in Baja. The experience they bring to the table is second to none and it will be a huge help in taking on this race. -Christopher Polvoorde

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About the Baja 1000

This year will mark the 54th Annual Baja 1000 with the first Baja 1000 race held in 1967 and won by Vic Wilson and Ted Mangels. The Baja 1000 is an iconic desert race on the Baja Californian Peninsula with races either being in a loop form starting and finishing in Ensenada or a point-to-point race starting in Ensenada and finishing in La Paz. It has been 4 years since the last peninsula run but that changes for 2021 where the Baja 1000 is going back to La Paz and will stretch a total of 1,227 miles zig-zagging down the Baja peninsula.

Click HERE for more information on the 2021 SCORE International Baja 1000

2021 Race Course


About Christopher Polvoorde & CP Racing Team

Christopher Polvoorde was born on July 28th, 2000 and raised in the Racing mecca of Southern, CA. From a young age, Christopher had an adventurous spirit and a passion for the outdoors and racing. That passion leads Christopher’s life to this day where you can find him chasing sunsets year around on the hills of Mammoth Mountain or the waters of the Colorado River. Surrounded by a team of Experts including Christopher’s father, Chip Polvoorde, who handles anything and everything, Crew Chief Jimmy Davidson who provides the fastest truck on the course week in and week out and driving coach Cory Kruseman who works with Christopher on his race craft and as his race spotter. With Christopher’s natural speed and a team like this, expectations are high. Christopher found success in a challenging 2020 season taking 2nd in the LOORRS Pro Lite Championship showcasing the team's continued determination to strive for greatness each and every race. In 2019 the CP94 team raced in both, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League for where Christopher swept the whole series winning all 7 races and the additional Red Bull Pro Lite Championship race making it a perfect 8 for 8 in the Midwest. In 2021 the CP94 team ventured into the world of desert racing with a brand new Mason Motorsports 6100 Spec Trophy Truck and will be taking on the Baja 1000 in November. The future is bright for Christopher who takes it all in stride focusing on working hard and enjoying the ride.

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