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Christopher Polvoorde and ARMA Sport Agree to Sponsorship

Christopher Polvoorde & CP94 race team welcome ARMA Sport to the program.

The ARMA Sport team led by racing legend Jeremy McGrath has hand selected high-level adventure and action sports athletes from MLB to Supercross and Off-Road racing and we are ecstatic to be joining the ARMA team. “I’m stoked to partner with ARMA. They produce a product that is designed to help me perform at my best, something ARMA owner Jeremy McGrath knows a lot about and I am honored for the opportunity to be on the team. I look forward to the collaboration and putting ARMA to the test.” -- Christopher Polvoorde   “Christopher was a natural choice for our team. Christopher is an extraordinary athlete from racing to mountain biking to snow skiing and more he loves and lives the adventure lifestyle to the fullest. He is the kind of brand ambassador that fits the ARMA brand and can have a great impact getting our brand message out with significant social reach and one of the best trackside activation programs I have ever seen, they do it right. I am stoked to partner with them and I am also excited to see ARMA products help Christopher continue to elevate and reach his championship goals.” -- Jeremy McGrath About ARMA: Built and catered by world-class athletes, ARMA understands exactly how important nutrition is to any high-performance program. As competition levels in the world’s most physically demanding sports continue to evolve, athlete performance and recovery have become more important than ever. At ARMA we understand that elite quality equals elite results, therefore every single product we produce and offer is comprised of the best ingredients possible. Founded by multi-time Supercross and motocross champion Jeremy McGrath, ARMA’s mission is to provide supplement products of the highest quality that support everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors at all levels and disciplines. Product quality is our highest priority, leaving every customer and athlete that utilizes them with the best supplements and products to support their healthy and competitive lifestyles. ARMA is 100% dedicated to providing top athletes in all action, adventure, and traditional sports a top quality product that is designed, tested and proven by champions. ARMA stands behind our products and everyone that chooses to utilize them. Learn more atwww.ARMASport.comAbout Christopher Polvoorde & CP Racing Team 

About Christopher Polvoorde and CP94 Racing Team: Christopher Polvoorde was born on July 28th, 2000 and raised in the Racing mecca of Southern, CA. From a young age, Christopher had an adventurous spirit and a passion for the outdoors and racing. That passion leads Christopher’s life to this day where you can find him chasing sunsets year around on the hills of Mammoth Mt or the waters of the Colorado River. Surrounded by a team of experts including Christopher’s father, Chip Polvoorde, who handles anything and everything, Crew Chief Jimmy Davidson who provides the fastest truck on the course week in and week out and driving coach Cory Kruseman who works with Christopher on his race craft and as his race spotter and with Christopher’s natural speed and a team like this, expectations are high. The CP94 team returned to racing in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and will be adding the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League for 2019 with the goal of lifting the Championship Trophy at the end. With all that Christopher has going on it is hard to imagine but he is also a full-time freshman College student at The University of San Diego on an academic scholarship after finishing high school with a 4.5 GPA. The future is bright for Christopher who takes it all in stride focusing on working hard and enjoying the ride.

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