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4th Place Finish for Polvoorde at the Baja 500

The number 204 Trophy Truck Spec with Christopher and Co-driver, Andrew Becerra, took the green flag start at 10:07 AM. They pre-ran the course many times overs, had thousands of data points marked and were ready to put it all together. The truck ran hard all day long and, mechanically, did not have any issues throughout the whole day. Both pit stops were quick getting the boys fueled up with VP Racing Fuel and fresh Toyo Tires. "All said and done, we had a great day of racing and got a respectable finish which keeps us in good standing for points. Our team is still learning and getting better each race and we are seeing improvements. The truck was an absolute beast all day! Had we not gotten stuck there is no doubt we would have been running up front." - Christopher Polvoorde

Race Summary Being the 1st spec truck off the line of 32 total, they immediately had their sights set on picking off class 1 cars to put space between them and fellow Spec trucks. They ran strong at the start, just cruising and hitting their marks. They had to stop briefly at a chase vehicle to re-rack both spare tires that fell off. At RM 95, they took a turn too wide on a narrow trail leaving them stuck on a slope just off the trail in dense brush. They were hoping to get a tow but, being so early in the race, most competitors were reluctant to stop. Ultimately, they were able to clear brush and back the truck down further to get momentum and drive the truck out and back onto the course. All in all, they lost about 40 minutes being stuck. Just 7 miles down the road, they would meet completely stopped traffic at RM 102 due to a medical emergency in a Trophy Truck. This bottle neck ended up stopping the race for 50 or so drivers until things opened back up. Once the bottleneck cleared, it was time to go to work in the San Felipe section of the race. Christopher was able to get around a lot of cars in the next leg of the race. After being stuck, he had most of the Spec trucks and a handful of class 10 cars in front of him. From that point on the race was text book. Chris & Drew pushed when they needed to and focused on being smooth. The CP94 had 2 great pits at RM 160 & RM 315 where he fueled up and got fresh rear tires. The No. 204 crossed the finish line with a total time of 10:42:47, good for a 4th place finish and just 12 minutes off the top Trophy Truck Spec time. There is a break over summer for the SCORE season until the Baja 400 in September which will determine the start position for the Baja 1000 in November.

Next Race Forest County Potowatomi Brush Run Crandon, WI 6/25 & 6/26 Christopher and the CP94 team head East to Crandon, Wisconsin later this month for weekend of short course racing in the Ford Ranger Pro Lite.

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About Christopher Polvoorde & CP Racing Team Christopher Polvoorde was born on July 28th, 2000 and raised in the Racing mecca of Southern, CA. From a young age, Christopher had an adventurous spirit and a passion for the outdoors and racing. That passion leads Christopher’s life to this day where you can find him chasing sunsets year round on the hills of Mammoth Mountain or the waters of the Colorado River. Surrounded by a team of Experts including Christopher’s father, Chip Polvoorde, who handles anything and everything, Crew Chief Jimmy Davidson who provides the fastest truck on the course week in and week out and driving coach Cory Kruseman who works with Christopher on his race craft and as his race spotter. With Christopher’s natural speed and a team like this, expectations are high. Christopher found success in the inaugural season of Great American Shortcourse, where he took home the Pro Lite Championship for 2021. In 2019, the CP94 team raced in both, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League for where Christopher swept the whole series winning all 7 races and the additional Red Bull Pro Lite Championship race making it a perfect 8 for 8 in the Midwest. In 2021 the CP94 team ventured into the world of desert racing with a brand new Mason Motorsports 6100 Spec Trophy Truck and finished the 2021 Baja 1000. The future is bright for Christopher who takes it all in stride focusing on working hard and enjoying the ride.Visit // @ChristopherPolvoorde on Instagram | YouTube | Facebook


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